The Cost-Nearly-Nothing Distillery Plan

Launch your distillery business economically

Kickstart your distilling journey by emphasizing bottling – a prudent method

To start a distillery, you don’t necessarily need to pour money into a vast space, loads of gear, or endure a lengthy aging process for your liquor.

Embarking on your spirits venture can be smarter and less costly if you start with bottling.

Key Principles of Bottling.


To get your distillery off the ground, you’ll need the following:.

Ethanol: Central to your spirits, the use of high-quality ethanol is imperative.

Softened Potable Water: Verify that the water you use for mixing is fit for drinking and softened for an improved taste profile.

Prestige Flavoring Essences: Obtain a range of essences from for crafting diverse spirits, suitable for both boutique and mass production.

Bottles: Choose PET plastic bottles for their cost-effectiveness in shipping and robustness.

Caps, Labels, and Boxes: Fundamental for the packing, branding, and mailing of your merchandise.

Production Space and Equipment

You can begin with a small production space. Look into renting space or employing a third-party producer.

You will require a mixing container with a stirrer, a basic filler, a hand-operated capper, and a simple labeler—or labels can be applied manually.

Storage for your products can be as straightforward as using a third-party logistics warehouse or space at home.

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